Big Data on a Desktop

I have wanted to explore big data and Hadoop for a long time. I came close to experimenting with it but stopped teaching before I could experiment with creating an OpenStack like environment for student projects using the spare capacity of a cluster.

My current desktop was a quad-core. Doubling the RAM to 16gb and adding a terabyte disk has made it possible for me to satisfy my desires and write about my explorations inĀ  Open Source for You.
  1. Where do we start?
  2. A Virtual Machine in an OpenStack Cloud
  3. Getting Started with Hadoop
  4. Putting Data into HDFS
  5. ElasticSearch on OpenStack
  6. Hadoop, Elasticsearch and Pig
  7. HBase and Elasticsearch
  8. Archiving and Retrieving Emails using HBase and Phoenix
  9. Getting Started with Spark
  10. Spark and HBase