Other Articles

These articles have been published in Linux for You since Jan 2005 and elsewhere. Usually, the motivation for these articles was that I wanted to learn and explore something new.

Systems Administration, Distributions

  1. Desktop Security, Convenience and Standardisation, Linux for You, April 2010.

  2. Cradle To Grave: A Look at Arch Linux , Linux for You, April 2010 [LFY]

  3. Fedora 10 An Effortless Upgrade, Linux for You, January 2009.[LFY]

  4. Python Scripts Rescue & Generators Make it Easier, Linux for You, November 2008.

  5. Fedora 9, May You Live A Hundred Years, Please!, Linux for You, April 2008.[LFY]

  6. A Secure Internal Network with the Freedom to Browse, Linux for You, July 2007.

  7. LTSP Extending the Life Span of Computers, Linux for You, September 2005.

  8. Help, I am drowning in Distro's, Linux for You, January 2005.

Programming related

  1. Understanding Web Application Frameworks, Linux for You, March 2008.

  2. Servlets That Use Jython, Linux for You, August 2007.

  3. The Tests Before the Code, Linux for You, March 2005.

  4. The Importance of Exception Handling, Linux For You, February 2005.

Financial and ERP

  1. The Imperative of Open Source Apps, PCQuest, March 2011.
  2. Want an ERP Solution? Try TinyERP, Linux for You, December 2007.

  3. Taking the Next Step with TinyERP, Linux for You, January 2008.

  4. OpenOffice.org and ERP Reports, Linux for You, January 2008.

  5. GNUCash : A Freeway to Managing Money, Linux for You, October 2007.

OpenOffice related articles

  1. Help Simplify Life, Linux for You, April 2005.

  2. Getting Started with Components of OpenOffice, Linux for You, May 2005.

  3. Control OpenOffice Through a Program, Linux for You, July 2005.

Fun, Learning 

  1. Processors & Software : A Difficult Marriage, Linux for You, February 2008.

  2. Exploring the OLPC Development Environment, Linux for You, November 2007.

  3. Fun at Programming Puzzleland!, Linux for You, February 2006.