Python For Friends

Programming is a tool which people in various fields of study need. Learning the syntax of C or what are the various hardware components, etc. as is taught in the Information Technology courses for students seems irrelevant. Utility would be greater if the students could address moderately complex problems without getting bogged down by syntax. The students should learn the concepts of programming as a side effect when they solve the problems. The following articles are an attempt on my part to address that issue.

1. Introduction

2. Tracking Personal Information and Valuables

3. Preserving and Searching Personal Information

4. A Friendly Interface

5. Integrating with OpenOffice

6. Python - The Glue for IT

Programming in Python for Mobile Gadgets using the Web

Scripts for the Home Network

Python on the Net using CGI and WSGI

10  Secure Communication

11 Do You Speak my Language?

12  Creating Rhythmic Noise

13  A Musical Button

14  Personalising Photographs

15  Creating a Screencast